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Target Audiences
Types of Projects

Typical assignments range from setting two dozen appointments with business executives for others to interview to completing 500 one hour-long telephone interviews with physicians.

Some examples of the type of studies we have done are:

Business/Professional Studies

Tracking studies among analysts and portfolio mangers on advertising awareness, image and brand identity of information content companies using a Web Aided Telephone Interviewing technique (WETI).

Measuring brand imagery, purchasing behavior and new concept evaluations among regional building contractors utilizing WebEx interviewing software.

Testing advertising identity and brand identity of defense contractors among the financial community and think tanks.

Copy testing of ads for management consulting firms among Fortune 1000 “C Level” decision makers.

Qualitative interviews in the financial and business sectors on the strategic position of a transportation company.

A study of purchasing behavior, brand imagery and customer service experience among upscale jewelry buyers.

Interviewing for Fortune magazine CEO poll.

A survey of corporate sponsors of a major league professional franchise on the appeal and benefits of various packages.

Medical Studies

Phone-mail-phone conjoint surveys on prescribing behavior among primary care physicians (PCPs), endocrinologists and cardiologists.

A quantitative study of treatment practices and prescribing behavior in the women’s health market among managed care organizations (MCOs) and family planning centers.

Qualitative interviews with interventional cardiologists on the treatment and long term care of post MI patients.

A telephone survey of PCPs, endocrinologists, nephrologists and cardiologists to determine prescribing behavior and patient management practices in the treatment of hypertension.

Depth interviews on the therapeutic value of incremental innovation in drug development in a series of pharmaceutical categories among a variety of medical specialists.

Research among pharmacy directors and medical directors at MCOs on plan coverage and tier placements of specific pharmaceuticals.

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